10 Pieces amber wood handle soft synthetic fiber hair makeup brushes wholesale

Model MBS-10017
MOQ 500sets
Start Port Shenzhen/Hong Kong
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union

Product description:

1.The most important thing to judge the quality of a makeup brush is the texture of the bristles. Synthetic hair is hard to touch and it is not easy to evenly brush the color. But it is durable and easy to clean. 

2.Our makeup brushes have the following characteristic as : Synthetic Brush Hair, Exquisite Brand, High Quality and Great Price.

3.Synthetic brushes are made of polyester or nylon materials, which help to mix liquid substances on the face, such as concealer, liquid foundation and liquid highlighter, because the fusion of the brush fibers will not create any streaks on the skin.

4.The high quality ferrule and wood material gives the best control of grip while applying make-up.

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