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1. Why is the fascia gun so hot?

Loving sports as a way of life also needs to improve the sense of "quality". And the links of equipment wear and exercise relaxation have become the key links to show the quality of sports.

The base of the sports crowd is getting bigger and bigger, and it is easy to form circles and influence each other.

This thing is really useful and easy to use.

2. Why is the "fascia" gun? ?

Fascia: Attaches to bones and gathers in joints. It is a tissue that connects joints and muscles. Tendons are tough and rigid, restraining and protecting the joint muscles and other sports tissues.

After fitness or exercise, the sympathetic nerves are over-excited, causing the muscles to be too tense when they are static, resulting in fascial adhesion, which affects the recovery of growth.

When the fascia is adhered or damaged, the body often suffers from discomfort such as muscle stiffness, loose muscle tissue, and soreness.

3. Why do I need a fascia gun?

The fascia must be relaxed to release these extra excitement, so that the above problems can be resolved and alleviated.

Some deep-seated muscles are difficult to reach by foam rollers or human massage.

Human beings are naturally dependent on tools and need a convenient and effective tool.

4. The principle of the fascia gun?

Using the force transmission effect, the force and vibration are transmitted to the deep fascia muscles through the principle of vibration.

2000-3000 vibrations are generated per minute, and the gun head impacts the target part of the body to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and restore, and promote blood circulation.

Not only to solve the problem of vibration, but also to consider the noise, stability, depth of force and other issues of the motor.

5. What are the direct benefits of using a fascia gun?

Fascia relaxation can effectively comb the muscle fascia, get stretched, reduce muscle friction, and greatly help joint mobility and muscle ductility.

Improve the excitability of sympathetic nerves, make it easier for the muscles to enter the working state, and the effect of warming up before exercise is obvious.

Avoid "too strong", especially for women who love beauty and sports, release these extra excitement through fascia relaxation, so that the muscles can recover quickly.

Relieve soreness, deep hits, promote blood circulation and clear collaterals, and help eliminate accumulated lactic acid.

With dynamic stretching before training and static stretching after training, the muscles of boys are fuller and the lines of girls are more stylish.

With a fascia gun in hand, whether you are a coach or a sports enthusiast, you can show your professionalism and temperament.

Using a fascia gun to massage the parents and the elderly at home is also a way to improve happiness.

6. The choice of fascia gun?

The principle of the fascia gun is very simple, and its basic characteristic is its ability to output stable high-frequency strikes. First of all, this demand should be met, and some of the highest hitting frequency is less than 2000 times per minute, you can ignore it.

Choose a cost-effective one. After all, a fascia gun costs two to three thousand dollars. It is not necessary. A large part of it may be used to pay taxes or promote advertising to the brand; you can ignore the price if it is too low. After all, it is a penny. Pay for it.

Product details are considered: noise, stability and balance of power, impact depth, battery usage time, degree of rubber wrapping, etc.

Quality service guarantee, choose a brand with perfect after-sales service and few quality problems.

7, the use of fascia gun taboo

Don't hit the joints

Joints are important and sensitive parts. The fascia gun is mainly used to relax the muscles and soft tissues. If it is used to hit the joints, it is useless, and this "hard-to-hard" method can easily cause joint damage.

Not suitable for certain parts

Key parts of the body such as the head, parts with thin muscle thickness such as the armpits and lower abdomen, and parts of the vital organs and aorta such as the waist and neck. These positions should not be impacted with a fascia gun.

It’s not that the longer the time, the greater the intensity, the better

It is advisable to use the same part multiple times for a total time of 3-5 minutes, and to walk in different positions according to the muscle texture. Generally, there is no need to apply too much external force to press, and it is good to keep the soreness at 6-8 points.

Use good quality fascia gun

Many imitation, remanufacturing and copycat fascia guns on the market are indiscriminately manufactured. They are easily damaged due to their vibration frequency and lack of protection mechanisms. In severe cases, they may even cause cardiac arrest and shock. There are also use hazards such as explosions caused by the use of low-quality motors and batteries.

Follow the guidance of professionals

For those who have physical illness or have experienced injuries, they should consult a doctor, rehabilitator or coach.

8. Body parts that should not be impacted by a fascia gun


The head contains the five sense organs and the brain, as well as various acupuncture points. These are delicate and sensitive positions, which are vital parts for humans. What's more, in addition to protecting the bones of the head, there are no too thick muscles and fascia to relax. Therefore, it is forbidden to hit the head with a fascial gun.

Side of neck

These locations are densely covered with blood vessels and nerves, and the carotid sinus is in this location, which is relatively superficial and very sensitive to external mechanical compression. Slight carelessness can cause cardiovascular reflexes, leading to instantaneous insufficiency or interruption of blood supply to the brain. Individuals may even experience extreme conditions such as fainting and cardiac arrest. It is recommended to use stretching to relax this position.

Medial clavicle

The shoulders are easy to sore, and the fascia gun has a good hitting effect. It is possible to hit from the position of the trapezius muscle at the back, but cannot hit the position inside the clavicle of the front. The muscles in this position are thin, and it is the channel through which the cervical spine emits the brachial plexus, as well as a large artery.

Underarms and inner forearm

This is an important position of the brachial plexus, there are many nerve tissues, but also relatively weak and sensitive.

Where the bone bulges

The spine, ankles, elbow joints, tail vertebrae, and other protruding parts of these bones or joints and their surroundings are not recommended to be hit with a fascia gun, which may cause pain and injury.

Knee and surrounding

The knee is the most prone place for sports injuries, but it is not recommended to use a fascia gun to hit the knee and its surroundings. There is a common peroneal nerve around the head of the fibula on the lateral side of the knee joint. The position of the posterior fossa of the knee, the popliteal artery, tibial nerve, and common peroneal nerve pass from this position.

9. The correct use of the fascia gun

Follow the texture and direction of the muscles

It is recommended to find some muscle texture maps on the Internet to look at, and then just press the general direction. For example, the chest muscles are horizontal, and the leg muscles are vertical.

Appropriate force

Note that there is no need to vigorously make the fascia gun to withstand the muscles, generate resonance, and enhance the penetration and massage effect.

Move slowly

Don't strike at the same position for too long, move slowly, with a certain amount of thrust.

Choose a massage head

Choose the right massage head for different positions.