Black foundation brush with cat paw lovely design distributor

Specification MBS-01092
Delivery time 7~10DAYS
MOQ 500sets
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union

Product description:

When using foundation and concealer, brushes are always better than fingers because they can apply makeup evenly. In some specific constituencies, more brushes are collected than other constituencies. The eyeshadow brush can create a sense of touch with its own angle. It can help you target a specific area and create several different eye makeup, so all these qualities make the brush the best makeup tool you can use.

The Foundation brush head is large and flat, which can apply liquid foundation and concealer on a large area to make the foundation effect even and natural. If you need to modify small parts, you can use the hair peaks of the brush. The foundation brush made of synthetic fiber is easy to wear. Suitable for thick cream makeup. 

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