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Eye shadow brush can make eye liner and eye shadow, eyebrow part of the eye shadow fully integrated, dizzy brush out the color of the sense of hierarchy. Moderate wool, easy to control the amount of powder. Long handle design has an excellent sense of stability, can easily show delicate lines, let the color spread naturally. It can also be used to shape nose shadows.

The bristles are made of nylon material or animal hair made of high technology. It has the elasticity and softness of natural materials, and it is naturally bent and formed to achieve the ideal powder bearing and ductility. At the same time, the handle is long and easy to hold. When applying details, it has stability, which makes the facial makeup smooth and natural, and increases the beauty of red.

Classification of eye shadow brushes

The classification of eye shadow brush is what the fairies are not sure about. What kinds of eye shadow brush is used? Today we will tell you about the classification and usage of eye shadow brush.

1、 Flat brush

As the name suggests, flat brush is a kind of brush with flat shape. This kind of brush is mainly composed of flat tongue shape, which is mainly used for coloring. When used, it is often used to pat and press, and its size and brush hair material are available in the market. Depending on the size, both the base and the details are OK.

2、 Oval brush

This kind of brush is thicker and more plump than the flat brush. This kind of brush is big enough to be used for coloring. And the radian of the top is smooth and has a certain thickness. It is very good to dizzy the edge of eye shadow. It is a very practical brush shape.

3、 Type C brush

type brush is more compact than oval brush and thicker than flat brush. It has a lot of functions. The larger C brush can be used as an eye shadow brush. A smaller C-type brush can be used as a detail treatment brush to outline the corner areas, such as the small triangle area at the tail of the eye, or the lying silkworm. Do not exert too much effort to do eye shadow.

4、 Detail brush

The detail brush is a miniature version of C-shaped and oval brush. It has solid bristles and good coloring. It is mainly used to deal with the details of eye makeup. It is small in size, accurate in color and easy to control the scope.

5、 Pencil brush

It can also be called conical brush, the main function is to draw eye folds, many European and American makeup like to use this brush to draw eye socket. The design of the pointed head is suitable for the eye shadow with small eyes and eyes, and can also be used to dye the whole eye makeup.

6、Blending brush

It's a bit like a conical brush, but the bristles are longer, more fluffy, and the hair is loose, forming an arc shape. The choice of the size of the halo dye brush depends on the condition of your eyes. Don't choose too large a size. The larger the size of the brush, the larger the size of the eye shadow. When the brush is small, it will be difficult to control the intensity when it is dyed.

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