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 eyeshadow brushes

If we want to make our makeup look more beautiful, we must clearly distinguish the use of makeup brush, especially when we draw eyeshadow brushes, we must clearly distinguish between eyeshadow brushes and other blending brush.

Distinction between different brushes


Many people may feel that others use many brushes when they make up, but they don't know how to distinguish these brushes. In fact, it is very simple to distinguish these brushes. Especially when you draw , you will use several different brushes. However, each brush has different functions. So when you draw your eyes, you must clearly distinguish their functions.

Many people, when making up, especially for beginners who are just beginning to learn make-up, can not tell clearly what is the blending brush and what is the eye shadow brush. In fact, the eye shadow brush and the blending brush are very distinguishable. When you draw eye shadow, you may use different brushes. But if you want to make your eye shadow look special, you must choose your own brush and the appropriate blending brush to draw eye shadow.

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Explanation of blending brush

Generally, when we choose to paint the eye shadow, we can try to choose a larger brush. But when choosing the blending brush, it has a very large feature that is to choose a flat brush as much as possible. Because we usually choose a flat brush, so that the eye shadow on their eyelids will be better halo, so when we choose to dye the halo, we must remember the characteristic of halo dyeing.

In fact, there are many kinds of blending brushes, so not only do they have flat type, they also have some other types. For example, if you want to make your own halo dyeing range larger, you can also choose a cylindrical brush when you choose a brush.

Generally, this kind of brush has a great characteristic, that is, it is not flat like the brush introduced before. Its shape is a small cylinder, but the middle part is a little protruding. This is also a kind of blending brush which is easy to use.

In fact, there is a very big difference between the blending brush and the general eye shadow brush. The size of the blending brush is usually larger than that of the eye shadow brush. Because only a larger brush can better make our eye shadow halo, so that the eye shadow will not be particularly strong. And if we pay more attention to our own make-up, we can actually choose two different ones when we buy a blending brush.

What is eyeshadow brushes ?

In general, we can buy smaller Eyeshadow brushes when we buy eye shadow brushes, because when we paint the silkworm, it is the eye shadow of the lower part of our eyes. If the brush is too big, it is very likely that the eye shadow will be specially concentrated. So try to choose a smaller brush, which is a very big difference between it and the blending brush. And when we draw eye shadow, we will use many different eye shadow brushes. We must choose a good type.

There are some brushes that are used to draw the corners of the eyes or lower eyelids, or maybe small and flat ones. So this must be separated from the larger flat halo dyeing, because the general type of eye shadow brush is hard, but it will be much more soft when it is dyed. In short, when buying cosmetic brushes, they must choose the best ones. They can not buy too much when they buy lip brushes or eye shadow brushes. Smaller brushes can make the makeup more delicate.

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