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Don't make up look good? Face makeup brush set are very important. Do you use them?

Many people want to know why many beauty bloggers can make up so delicate, because people will use a lot of tools to do it. Casual make-up is certainly not very good-looking, as we usually rush out to work, it must be more sloppy. If you want to paint more exquisite and good-looking, you must borrow more professional make-up tools. In recent years, a variety of make-up tools have been produced. Do you have good use of them?

1. Concealer Brush

You need to use Concealer before making foundation. First, let's talk about the concealer brush. There are many kinds of Concealer brushes. What is commonly used is the flat type. First of all, it is smaller because its head will be smaller, and the bigger one will not be able to cover the smaller part. Then the brush is a flat shape. Its fur will be added more to paste it up, so you can add some concealer, concealer and whatever you want. Overlay until you are satisfied. And this kind of relatively small words can also be used as a lip brush. Some of them may be bigger. It's better to see what personal use is more convenient.

2. Fixed makeup brush

Make up is a very important part of make-up. If the make-up is not fixed well, it will be very fast to take off the make-up. The fixed makeup brush can buy a little bit more hair according to their own needs, which can fix the whole face three times. Or a smaller one can set the makeup more carefully. It is recommended that you buy a slightly better one because it will be really comfortable on your face. A Picasso 133 is highly recommended. This one is really easy to use. The hair is super soft. The hair styling is designed to ensure that it can be stained with powder. Can take care of the whole face.

3, blush brush

These two kinds of brushes do not need to distinguish each other, because they are false colors on the face. However, the brush is usually used as a dressing brush, but it can also be used as a blush brush. The novice can choose the bottom to be flat, and the brush head is more combed here to be the blush brush. Because one side is flat, it is easy to go to the color, where the head is more Peng, you can go to the halo dye that color. This kind of brush is quite versatile. It can also be used for beautification. You should know that if the dressing is not good, the whole makeup will look dirty.

4. Cosmetic brush

The shape of the bevel brush is very suitable to be used as a cosmetic brush, and it is also large enough, because if it is large enough, the halo dyeing will be more natural and more symmetrical, and the range is also large enough, and it is not easy to make mistakes when it is large enough. A small cosmetic brush can't be too small.

5. Highlight brush

Highlight brushes can be used as an eyeshadow brush, but it may be a bit larger. It can be used to brush up more details, because the need to brush highlight is not very special. You can brush it properly.

Foundation brush is not to mention, because we still feel that the makeup is more convenient and fast, and it is also more suitable. The foundation with a foundation is very high on the technical requirements of a person. So our ordinary fairy is still using beauty makeup eggs. What is the quicker and quicker way to use it? Be sure to make good use of these facial brushes to make your makeup more delicate.