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There are many varieties of makeup brushes. From eye makeup brushes to face to lips, there are dozens of different brushes for different purposes, but don't you need every brush? Or you want to buy makeup brushes, but I don’t know which one to buy. I don’t know the specific purpose of each one. And the PP is limited. I don’t know which brush to buy first. The answer is very simple, buy the one that you wear most often. Brush. If you use lipstick every day, it's very simple, you must need a lip brush. If you apply foundation, you need a foundation brush first. Then if you apply a full set of makeup, you need to look at yourself, such as eyes For makeup, do you generally have natural eye shadows, or do you have more blue and green eyeshadows, or do you use the most eye makeup?The brushes used for each makeup look are different.

Ok, let me first introduce the most basic brushes that everyone uses.

1. Loose paint.

There are several different shapes of loose powder brushes, generally there are three, one is conical like BB, one is densely rounded with bristles like MAC 150, and the other is fan-shaped like MAC 136. If Your loose powder brush is only used to brush loose powder, then you can choose a shape like MAC 150, which has a large amount of powder, easy to apply, and the bristles feel fluffy. If your loose powder brush is sometimes used to brush glitter, you can choose Conical shape like BB POWDER BRUSH is easy to handle to small parts. If you have a small face JM, in addition to loose powder, glitter and high gloss, then you'd better choose a fan-shaped brush like MAC 136, which has the best precision It can be used horizontally to make a large area of loose powder, tilted to use it for highlighting, and vertical use can also handle details such as the nose and wings. It is also best used for removing remaining powder!

If you have a special preference for large and loose powder brushes, how to deal with small areas, there is a small TIP, that is, you pinch the bristles of the part of the brush handle with your hand, so that the cylindrical bristles Press into a fan shape to deal with the details:) If you feel that the loose powder on the loose powder brush is too thin, you can first use a powder puff to apply a layer of powder, and then use the brush to sweep the entire face to remove the remaining powder. But remember to use a brush to sweep it, so that it will not make others feel that you have too much powder to fall off, especially in the sun. This is easy to see.

2. Blush brush.

There are generally two shapes of blush brushes, one is oval like BB, which is used to make natural and cute blush, and the other is oblique like MAC 168, which can be used for diagonal blush and shadow powder. It can also be used to modify the shape of your face. Pay attention to two points when buying a blush brush. First, the bristles should be soft, so that it will not stab your face, and it will not brush the color when you apply the blush. The second point, the brush should not be too big, unless your face is very big, and you only apply the cute blush of apple blush, you can use a larger brush. The rest is best to buy a smaller one Yes, this can be used to make a variety of blushes, and it can also be used to make shadows to make your face look smaller and more three-dimensional. Finally, there is one point, it is most taboo to use the blush you bought to make the blush This kind of brush will not faint your blush, and the amount of powder will be too much, making your face look like a clown, so if you use blush, remember to invest in a better one. Swipe.

3.Eyeshadow brush.

The most important point of applying eye makeup is to prevent others from seeing where your eyeshadow starts and ends there. That will only give life an astringent feeling. So a good eyeshadow brush is very important. If you want to choose Buy BB, then you don't need to spend too much effort to choose, each of its eyeshadow brushes has a clear purpose, and each one can only be used for that purpose. But like MAC, there is no clear purpose. Brush, you need to match it yourself. Generally speaking, for daily makeup, you need three eye shadow brushes, a larger eye shadow brush can be used for the base color, and a medium eye shadow brush to make the eye socket part and hit the brow bone For the highlights, I think this brush is very important, but most people usually ignore it. If you put on at least two colors of eyeshadow, it can smudge your eyeshadow and make it look like there is no transition line. With it , Your eye makeup will be very natural. And it can also replace the big eyeshadow brush to make the base color. After you apply the concealer, apply powder to the covered area. I think this is a must for eye makeup Brush. If you apply eye makeup and blue and green eyeshadows, you also need to buy a small eyeshadow brush to help you finish your makeup a little bit more finely.