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Do you really use foundation brush?

How to brush the foundation liquid with brush?

There are many kinds of make-up brushes, which are used to apply liquid foundation. Wash your hands and makeup brush before smearing, pour some amount of foundation liquid into your palms, gently dip it with a cosmetic brush, and begin to apply. Start from the U area of the face, pay attention to the direction is from the inside to the outside, from the top to the bottom, pay attention not to horizontal daub, otherwise it is easy to leave brush marks. After the U area is smeared with the foundation fluid, then the T area is started to be applied. When the area of T is applied, the direction of the growth of the skin pores is still applied according to the direction from the inside to outside, from the top to the bottom. After U and T areas are smeared with foundation fluid, then smear the face base with good foundation. Note that from beginning to end, the technique should be gentle, avoid rubbing hard and rubbing the skin.

How to use foundation brush?

After we apply the foundation liquid to our face, we must use the foundation brush to remove the liquid from the face quickly. Otherwise, too long the foundation fluid will be removed, so that we can't push the liquid on the face evenly. Therefore, when using the foundation brush, we must act quickly, and actually use the foundation brush is a certain skill, not using the foundation brush to brush in the face, we can choose to brush in one direction, this will be more uniform.

Step 1: first use the foundation brush to dip into the middle color, that is, the skin foundation solution, evenly smear on the top of the zygomatic bone.

Step 2: then in the cheekbones, face suddenly, place a light colored foundation, pay attention to the junction of the deep and shallow should be over uniform, so as to highlight the three-dimensional sense of the face.

Step 3: after putting the foundation liquid on the bottom, gently press the face with your hands, so that the liquid foundation can be better served on the face. Sometimes, for the sake of convenience and simplicity, it can also use two colors of ordinary color and darker foundation, and the normal color is applied to the whole face.

Step 4: use the ring finger gently to apply the liquid foundation to the eyes, so that the problem of bags under the eyes and dark circles can be covered. Then the white highlights should be swept above the zygomatic bone below the anterior corner of the eye.

Step 5: dip the ring finger into a bit of concealer and spread it gently on the side of the nose. Dark foundation is applied to the sides of the face (from the front ear to the mandible).

Step 6: after cleaning the foundation, you can use the dressing cake to modify the contour of the cheek, and put the cheek bone near the ear to a dark colored cake to increase the effect of facial shadow.

Step 7: start from the cheekbones and sweep the brown shadow powder downward, which can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the face, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting off the cheek angle with shadow.

That's it! A good foundation brush is also important.

Foundation brush using tips


1. Foundation brush and finger joint use.

There are many details in the foundation brush and fingers, such as the sides of the alar, the corners of the eyes, the lips, and the mandible. These parts are not only easy to oil parts, but also easy to card powder and take off makeup parts. The foundation brush can handle the bottom makeup very frivolous, but there is a problem is that the details of the local brush after finishing, if do not do exquisite pressing or temperature treatment, these positions will soon float powder, and cause makeup disjointed. It is suggested that after using the foundation brush to do a large area of the primer, the position of the finger must be pressed in the local position to ensure that the bottom makeup and the overall makeup are more complete.

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2: Even thickness of base makeup is the king

The thickness of the bottom is uniform. It is the kingly way. Many women think that the light and thin makeup can be properly coated when covering the local problems. But there is another problem. The thin and uneven makeup is the skin that will soon absorb the original skin color after the long time of makeup. The thicker Concealer is thicker and the color disappear slowly. There is a contradiction between the color of the covered part and the exposed skin color, resulting in uneven color. Therefore, when dealing with the relationship between thin and covered, we should follow the uniformity of large color blocks, that is, do not blindly cover, or blindly frivolous. The relationship between skin and foundation is very delicate. What we need to deal with together is that the nature of liquid and liquid, ointment and paste is basically the same as that of bottom makeup. The foundation liquid corresponds to the concealer liquid and the foundation cream corresponds to the concealer. So even make-up is important.


3.The magic effect of sponge

The magic effect of sponge every girl should have a wet sponge. In this way, not only can the excess powder be taken away when the base makeup is treated, but also the base makeup can be kept moist because of the moisture content. Many girls are lazy to use sponge, only rely on fingers to complete the base make-up, sometimes it will cause the foundation makeup is not solid. Learn to use sponge post processing foundation to make the bottom makeup more compact and stable.

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4.Pay attention to the base makeup of each part

Pay attention to the connection of each part of the base make-up. We can't start the make-up work together, so the connection of the base makeup is very important. The right and left cheek, forehead and other parts need to be carefully daubed and color convergence. Because our facial color sometimes won't be very even, so the color of base make-up should ensure that every part can be applied to. Otherwise, if some places are not handled well, there will be a sense of mask, such as hair line, eyebrows, ear root, the junction of chin and neck. When these parts are well applied, I think the perfect and complete natural foundation will be beautiful.

5.Iced with powdery makeup

When the powder is used to make up the ice, the powder puff is placed on the side of the refrigerator for a few minutes. When the cold powder puff is used to cover the foundation, it can make the skin compact and delicate. After the foundation fluid or foundation program is applied, sponge is gently pressed on the face and gently pressed to make the foundation liquid and facial skin highly fit.

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