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Do you need a brush to use loose powder? How to use fixed makeup? Do fairies not understand how to use the powder brush? Let's learn it together.

Do you need a brush to use loose powder

It needs a brush to use loose powder. The last step of finishing fixed makeup as base makeup is to use powder as dry powder to absorb excess water and grease on our face, so as to make our base makeup more durable.


The advantages of using powder makeup brush

The hair of the powder brush is very soft and elastic, and the pressure on the face will not be very strong. It can help us sweep away the excess powder and make the whole makeup look more comfortable and clean.


Usage of powder makeup brush

Step 1

The fairies first pour the powder on the lid or palm, and then use the powder brush to sweep the powder in a circle, shake off the excess powder on the powder brush, so that the amount of scattered powder is evenly distributed on the powder brush.

Step2, face powder

We use patting or looping to apply powder. When making circles, pay attention not to use too much force. Some bristles are hard, which will destroy the previous base makeup.

Step 3, powder supplement for key parts

We start from the cheek, and then sweep the forehead, nose, jaw and eyes, gently with a brush. Apply the nose and eyes carefully with the brush head of the powder brush. Double eyelids should be painted more than once.

Step 4. Brush the residual powder

Finally, we gently brush the whole face with a brush to remove the residual powder on the face to make our make-up look clear and natural.

How to clean the powder makeup brush

Step 1, wet bristles

We use warm water to soak the bristles, and pay attention not to immerse the whole powder brush directly in the water, so as to avoid the hair falling off and the brush shape out of shape.

Step 2. Clean the brush head

We can use shampoo or professional scrubbing water to wash, squeeze the lotion into the palm of your hand, and gently wash it in your hands until the entire brush is filled with foam.

Step 3. Wash and paint

We must ensure that all the foam on the brush head is washed, and the powder brush is washed down under the tap. Note that the center part of the brush should also be rinsed clean. Gently brush the center of the brush with your fingers and rinse it against the water tap.

Step 4. Finish and air dry

After the powder brush is washed with water, we can wrap the powder makeup brush with a paper towel or towel to absorb the moisture on the surface of the brush, and then arrange the shape of the brush hair, and then place it in a ventilated and cool place to dry.