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Different, the density of the foundation brush is higher than that of the loose powder brush (the brush is more solid, the powder will be more, the brush with high density is uniform) and the brush with loose powder is more fluffy. (the amount of powder is less. It's a small amount when sweeping powder).

1. Foundation Brush

Advantages: the foundation brush can completely retain the original texture of the foundation, with flexible operation and uniform thickness, long service life and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Suitable for foundation: liquid foundation. Liquid ductility is good. It is easiest to use the foundation brush to brush and brush evenly.

Key points of upgrading: strength and painting direction. Whether finger or puff is used, it is inevitable that the liquid foundation is stained on the fingers. This is the main reason for some people to replace the liquid foundation brush. If you forget to wash your hands and take your clothes directly after finishing the foundation, you will always rub the foundation liquid everywhere. Especially for girls with long fingernails, the liquid foundation is easy to remain in the nail seam and feels slovenly. The use of liquid foundation brush is not such a worry. The foundation brush is only washed with liquid soap or bath liquid once a week. It can save the problem of dirty hands when making up. When not in use, put on the protective cover to avoid dust on the brush head, and then insert it in the ventilation place. In terms of cleanliness, it is also cleaner than sponge.

2. Powder brush

The powder is dipped in powder and brushed on the face with foundation. It is softer and more natural than powdery puff, and it can paint evenly. It can also be used for make-up or to brush off excess powder. The advantage of using powder to brush fixed make-up is that the effect of fixed make-up is light and thin, so that the effect of make-up is natural and not artificial, and the amount of powder is relatively saved.

Usage: when using the powder brush, you can gently dip the powder, filter off the excess powder, and make up gently on your face. Finally, brush off the excess powder from the top to the bottom. Especially in the neck, shoulders, chest, back and other parts of the powder, the use of powder brush is more than other makeup tools can match. Remember not to poke the tip of the hair directly on the face, but to brush the side of the hair and gently sweep it on the face.

Tips: using a rich powder brush, you can get loose powder 360 degrees, sweep out the supernatural rounded makeup, and make the powder and foundation evenly blend, making the makeup feel more natural. We can use it instead of puff, and it can make up more evenly than puff, showing smooth skin.