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At the beginning of make-up, I always thought that the base make-up was good, and the tools that came with the product were enough. I didn't buy an extra brush. But since I used the brush, I fell in love with the feeling of soft and delicate brush touching the skin of the face. I found that the effect of brush was better after I tried it. So I went deep into the brush pit.

As the saying goes, "if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools." it is extremely important to choose a suitable brush for himself. Therefore, based on years of experience in brush failure, we are going to pick up some things about the brush.

Material of makeup brush

The common makeup brush is divided into eight categories, a total of 34 brush types (of course, there are also some missing fish). However, no matter what brand and material brush, the brush type is inseparable from the basic classification in front. The common makeup brush is composed of brush hair, brush tube and brush rod.

Material of makeup brush

Generally speaking, when looking at the material of the brush, we will focus on the bristles, because it is directly in contact with our skin, and the general view is: the better the softness of the brush, the better the brush.

At present, the bristles of cosmetic brushes on the market can be roughly divided into animal hair and artificial hair. Artificial wool (also known as nylon or fiber wool) generally has two kinds of hair peaks: sharpened fiber and non sharpened fiber. Moreover, because the texture of artificial wool is relatively hard, and it can avoid moldy condition of animal hair, it is used to make foundation brush and low end brush.

Animal hair (also known as natural hair) under a number of categories. The most common is goat hair (generally because the raw materials are easy to get). The brush hair made of goat hair is soft and elastic, and it has high, medium and low grade, which can meet the requirements of different people for the material of makeup brush. But the real goat hair make-up brush will send out a faint smell of sheep when it is wet. If you care, you should buy it carefully.

makeup brush with animal hair

Common animal hair includes horse hair, mink hair, yellow tailed wolf hair, etc. horse hair has good softness, especially washed horse hair is softer, which belongs to high-grade hair. Of course, the price of makeup brush made by washing horse hair with water is also relatively high-end.

Make up brushes made of mink hair and yellow tailed wolf hair are luxury goods in the brush industry. Especially nowadays, the fur of these animals is becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Generally, it is only used when making small-sized paints.

Classification of makeup brushes

In fact, for ordinary makeup people, if the make-up techniques are acceptable, there are six brushes: foundation brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush, blush brush and powder brush.

1. Foundation Brush

I believe that many people are still used to using fingers to push the foundation liquid before making a small impression. In fact, after I used to use the foundation brush, I found this practice is really very wasteful. Because fingers are used to smear liquid foundation with a push instead of a pat. When they are painted, they tend to be thicker, and a large amount of foundation fluid will also be stained on the middle finger and ring finger. In the long run, the money wasted from the foundation fluid is enough for you to buy a good foundation brush.

In fact, the principle of foundation brush is to use the pressure of the brush to press the foundation better on the skin, and smoothen the fine lines and blemishes of the face to create a more perfect and delicate makeup.

Foundation Brush

How to use it: first, squeeze the right amount of cream, BB cream or liquid foundation on the back of your hand, gently dip it with a foundation brush, and then light it on your cheek. It must be the action of a dot - gently turning the brush head to ensure that the front end of the brush can be moved, not smeared or brushed. Therefore, most beauty artists recommend using a flat headed brush with a white front end color, so that when you turn the brush head, only let the white area move, and it is easier to grasp the strength of the point.

2. Powder brush

There are three types of brush heads for loose powder brushes (also used for honey painting or high gloss and cosmetic brushes) - big round head, small round head and oblique triangle head. The big round head brush is mainly used to spread powder on the face in large area to achieve the effect of oil absorption and make-up. The small round head brush is often used to smear honey powder on the face, so as to achieve the effect of brightening and modifying skin color, so that the state of facial skin is better. Oblique triangle is more in the use of highlight and cosmetic, can make your face more full of three-dimensional feeling.

Powder brush

After a long-term use, I summed up the method is: evenly dip the appropriate amount of product with honey brush, and then gently flick it (this is to let the excess powder fall, and the application can be more uniform). When applying, start from the T area, because this part of the face skin has the largest amount of oil, and then evenly sweep to all corners of the face. After painting, I used to press it gently with a powder puff to make it more comfortable.

3. Blush Brush

There are three common blush brushes: natural round brush, oblique brush and flat head brush. The natural round head is suitable for baby face, and it can draw natural and lovely round blush. It can definitely make people have an impulse to kiss. Flat head brush is suitable for square face and softens the contour of your face to a certain extent. The bevel brush is suitable for all face types, and can produce various blush with modified face. In addition, do not choose too soft bristles, and the brush head should not be too large, because this is not conducive to the decoration of details.

Blush Brush

Usage: first of all, buy a suitable blush brush with better quality. When blush, make sure you are in a place with enough light. Before applying the blush, shake the brush first and shake off the excess powder to avoid excessive color. In the face, it is best to adjust the color on the back of the hand first, and then brush the highest cheek bone and nose tip.

4. Eye shadow brush

The skin of the eye is very delicate and very sensitive. So when we choose the eye shadow brush, we must pay attention to its softness. Therefore, from the perspective of price performance, the washed horse hair is the best material for making eye shadow brush. In addition, the shape of the eye shadow brush head is more than three types: flat, cylindrical and oblique. The eye shadow brush heads made in Europe and the United States are larger, while the eye shadow brushes made in Asia are smaller and more suitable for Asian eyes. Therefore, the small series used all year round is the Japanese eye shadow brush.

Eye shadow brush

A flat eye shadow brush is used to make eye makeup. The saturation of makeup is very high, and the larger the shape of the brush is, the more natural the makeup is. The cylindrical eye shadow brush can be used for both the eye socket and the nose shadow brush to create a high nose bridge. The oblique triangle eye shadow brush is often used to create the makeup of the eye tail and make the eyes appear deeper and more natural.

5. Eyebrow brush

There are three common eyebrow brushes on the market: toothbrush type, spiral type and oblique angle type. Toothbrush type is often used to remove the dandruff on the eyebrows and arrange the eyebrow shape before drawing eyebrows. Spiral is often used together with eyebrow pencil, eyebrow glue and eyebrow cream, because the effect of brushing after eyebrow melting will be more natural. Angle and eyebrow powder is the perfect partner.

Eyebrow brush

My friends, we must remember that before drawing eyebrows, we should first use the eyebrow brush to sweep away the hair scraps on the eyebrows, and then draw the most basic eyebrow shape. After drawing, brush along the direction of eyebrow with eyebrow brush to make eyebrow color consistent and natural.

6. Lip brush

The lip brush can accurately outline the shape of the lips. The lips made by the lip brush are full and even in color and have bright contour. When using, dip the appropriate amount of lipstick and smear it with the lower lip and the upper lip first. When choosing a lip brush, it is better to choose a brush with soft and hard hair and moderate amount of hair. Because it is difficult to grasp the weight of the lip brush when applying, it is difficult to outline the shape of the lip, and the hard hair can easily damage the lip skin.

Lip brush

Finally, I'll give you some tips on how to buy a makeup brush. You should buy a brush with soft and smooth feel and compact structure. You can also hold the brush with your fingers and comb it down gently to check whether the bristles are easy to fall off. You can also press the brush on the back of your hand and draw a semicircular shape to check whether the bristles are cut neatly. In addition, you can also use hot air to blow the bristles It is animal hair that can keep its original state after being exposed to hot wind, and artificial fiber is the curl of hair.

There are many kinds of make-up brushes, as well as many grades. When choosing, do not have to choose the most expensive, but according to their own make-up habits, choose the most suitable for their own, so that in the use of makeup brush make-up, can achieve twice the result with half the effort.