Multifunctional private label small foundation brush from factory

Model MBS-01011
MOQ 500sets
Delivery time 7~10DAYS
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union

Product description:

1.When using foundation and concealer, brushes are always better than fingers because they can apply makeup evenly. In some specific constituencies, more brushes are collected than other constituencies. The eyeshadow brush can create a sense of touch with its own angle. It can help you target a specific area and create several different eye makeup, so all these qualities make the brush the best makeup tool you can use.

2.This mutifunctional brush can apply for Foundation, Eyeshadow, Blush, Highlight, Lip applications. It's perfect meets your makeup needs as you wish.

3.When buying a brush, pay attention to the strength of the handle and the softness of the brush. If the handle is made of plastic instead of wood, it is a lower quality brush. If the hair feels rough, you know they will not use high-quality synthetic fibers or animal hair to brush the brush.

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