Pink single round makeup brush wholesale made in China

Model MBS-01088
MOQ 500sets
Start Port Shenzhen/Hong Kong
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union

Product description:

1.Powder brush-It is used to remove excess floating powder on the face. It is the largest type of brush in makeup brushes. Its texture is soft and does not irritate the skin. Usually there are small wool, squirrel hair, and high-end mink hair. From the shape, there are: cone-shaped powder brush, which is easier to deal with the details of the face; round powder brush, with a large amount of powder, easy to apply makeup, and the bristles feel fluffy, very suitable for use on the whole face; fan-shaped powder brush has the best Good accuracy, large area of powder can be applied horizontally, highlight can be applied when tilted, and details such as nose wing can be handled well when used vertically.

2.When using foundation and concealer, brushes are always better than fingers because they can apply makeup evenly. In some specific constituencies, more brushes are collected than other constituencies. The eyeshadow brush can create a sense of touch with its own angle. It can help you target a specific area and create several different eye makeup, so all these qualities make the brush the best makeup tool you can use.

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