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It is a question for many people whether to buy artificial fiber or animal hair. In recent years, artificial fiber cosmetic brush is widely used. On the one hand, it is the general trend that most European and American cosmetic tools use artificial fibers, which are environmentally friendly and hygienic; on the other hand, people think that the effect of animal hair on makeup is the same as that of artificial fibers.

unconvinced? Today, let's talk about bristles in detail.

Animal hair

Because of its natural hair scales, animal hair is soft and saturated with flour, which makes the color uniform and suitable for drying powder products such as powder and eye shadow. It can perfectly produce the color of this kind of product.

The disadvantages are expensive and difficult to maintain. Animal hair is subdivided into wolf hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, horse hair, bristles, etc.

Mink Mink 

Wolf tail (mink): very expensive. Because it is not too long, it is usually used to produce high-grade eye shadow brush. Its texture is soft and moderate, its elasticity is excellent, its powder grasping power is very strong, its makeup and clothing are high, but it is difficult for beginners to control the intensity.

Gerbil hair

Gerbil hair 

Gerbil hair: Hermes is also one of the bristles, which is very expensive. It's fine and straight hair, and very soft, moderate grasp powder, is generally used for scattered painting, shadow brush, etc. But because it is too soft, it is easy to get out of shape if it is not used properly.

Goat hair 

Goat hair: relatively common and common brush hair, high cost performance. Goat wool can be divided into high grade, medium grade and low grade, such as fine light front and very fine light front. Comparatively speaking, the price of wool with thinner diameter and longer wool tip will be higher. Generally used as a powder brush, honey brush, blush brush such large brush, it is very suitable for large area of makeup.

Horse hair

Horse hair 

Horse hair: widely used and moderately priced animal hair. The natural tip of horsetail hair is suitable for the halo dyeing of the eye, the powder grasping power is medium, and the powder can be evenly released. For beginners, it is also the first choice for the eye shadow brush.

Generally speaking, animal brush is suitable for halo dyeing, large area makeup and a small amount of makeup on top of the top, mainly for powder powder, eye shadow and so on. However, animal hair is not very friendly to allergic constitution, which may lead to allergy, and animal hair is best not to be used in wet cosmetics, which will easily lead to hair caking and obvious brush marks on the face.

Synthetic fibre


Black makeup brush

Artificial wool, including fiber wool and nylon wool, is smooth without hair scales, and has weak powder holding power, so it will not absorb the product too much. It is better to use artificial wool when wet foundation products such as liquid foundation, lip gloss, blush cream, concealer and so on. The disadvantage is relatively hard, relatively speaking, it will be a bit harsh.

This is the reason why some people have a bad impression on the artificial fiber makeup brush. What we said above is the old-fashioned artificial hair, and now these artificial hair can only be found in cheap goods.

makeup brush in China

It should be admitted that the quality of artificial fiber makeup brush is uneven, some are very cheap to buy, so the touch really dare not compliment.

But now, due to the increasing demand for cosmetic brushes, material scientists are constantly exploring and creating various novel bristles to replace animal hair. Now there are bionic hair, nano hair, bamboo charcoal fiber hair, collagen hair and other fiber hairs comparable to animal hair.

Bionic wool

Bionic wool is a kind of artificial fiber wool that simulates the properties of high-grade animal hair, such as wolf tail hair, gray mouse hair and very fine light peak wool. Bionic hair can imitate its wool quality, characteristics and comfort. It is not only similar to animal hair, but also more flexible and easy to handle. Moreover, the good bionic hair also has the scale of artificial hair, and the grip force is directly comparable to that of animal hair.

Bamboo charcoal fiber 

Bamboo charcoal, known as "black diamond", is internationally known as the "new guard of environmental protection in the 21st century".

Bamboo charcoal fiber is made from bamboo by using pure oxygen high temperature and nitrogen blocking delay calcination technology, which makes the inherent micropores of bamboo charcoal more refined and honeycomb, and then melt spinning with polyester modified chips with honeycomb structure trend.

Bamboo charcoal fiber wool is a unique fiber structure design with bamboo charcoal, which has the characteristics of moisture absorption, air permeability, antibacterial, green environmental protection and so on.

Moreover, because of the natural honeycomb structure, the powder grabbing force is strong and even. The unique antibacterial property is especially suitable for sensitive muscles and acne muscles.


Nano wool is a kind of brush hair with antibacterial effect, which is made of nano synthetic technology and nano antibacterial materials. It includes nano imitation hair, nano scale hair and nanowire.

Their common characteristics are delicate and comfortable, high softness, especially suitable for powder brushes, which need fluffy hair. The nano scale hair is another breakthrough in the nano simulation wool. The hair scale is full and fine, and the layers are even, just like natural growth, which can improve the powder catching ability of brush hair several times.


Collagen is a biopolymer, the main component of animal connective tissue. Collagen has good biocompatibility.

Collagen hair is added with collagen, which is similar to human tissue composition, so it can fit skin pores more closely, make-up is lighter, and will not cause allergic reaction.

Makeup brush manufacturer

It is understood that many domestic brands are gradually using high-grade fiber hair, such as sunflower beauty most of the brushes are using high-grade fiber hair as brush hair. Covering high-grade bionic hair, bamboo charcoal fiber wool, nano hair and many other high-quality artificial bristles.

In addition, sunflower products will be based on the needs of different parts of the make-up brush. For example, if the make-up brush needs to be dense and soft, it will be cut manually to make the diameter smaller, giving each user the most intimate experience.

What's more, new man-made fibers are also better than natural bristles in terms of hygiene.

There are dead animal epidermal cells, bacteria and some chemical residues on the surface of natural bristles. You should be extra careful when cleaning the makeup brush. If you don't do it well, it will blow up. The new man-made fibers naturally do not have these problems.

So today's artificial fiber wool is enough to match animal hair, and in some ways far surpass animal hair.

Of course, whether it's animal hair or artificial fiber, the most important thing is to choose what suits you and what you like. I hope every girl who loves beauty can choose the right brush.

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