Professional bamboo handle cosmetics brushes with good quality

Model MBS-12059
MOQ 500sets
Certification RoHS
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union

Product description:

The reason why you must have a makeup brush set as followed: The loose powder brush is indispensable in a set of makeup brushes, because it can be used to apply loose powder, blush and contour powder, and is a brush with many effects. It is generally relatively fluffy. The large eyeshadow brush is used to spread the color and increase the depth of the entire eye makeup. The small eyeshadow brush is a brush for smudging eyeshadow in a small area. There will be some acne marks, acne, freckles, etc., this concealer brush is very useful. Use it to take some concealer and apply it to the area you want to cover, or apply it to dark circles. The lip brush is generally used to draw lipstick and outline the lips.

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