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The development from pencil to pen is a great leap forward. With the development of production technology, pen has been emerging as a cosmetic pen since 80s. The tap water and the new image of the makeup tools have brought more possibilities to various products. The emulsion eye shadow, eyeliner and Concealer can make full use of the fluency of fountain pen. Just like pencils as cosmetic brush, all kinds of cosmetics are very suitable for liquid pen packaging, especially for eye products or spot products such as acne.

The success of fountain pens in the cosmetics world, like pencils, should be attributed to the diversity and flexibility of its application, the ease of use and the acceptability of this form by consumers. Of course, in the process of product development, there are all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. For example, it is far from easy to integrate product formula with complex mechanical procedures. To understand these development barriers, it is necessary to have close cooperation between the formulator and the packer to ensure that the cosmetic pen can continue to expand and better serve consumers.

The liquid eyeliner uses a mechanical fluency pen. Great changes have also taken place in the traditional ink pot inkwell-design eyeliners. Almost all successful designs have such a feature that only a single stroke can complete the sketch of the perfect makeup line. Therefore, the development of all these new products is to bring greater convenience to consumers, so that they can accurately outline the eye lines, and only need one action to complete without continuous makeup.

From the point of view of the recipes, flexibility and packaging compatibility must be resolved, so that liquid eyeliner can be safely stored and transported. Of course, the premise is that the packaging principles and raw materials required by these products have been greatly developed and realized. The pigmentation of Eyeliner has been further developed, thus creating a certain degree of opacity and color depth. At the same time, it is also important to ensure that it can blend with the formula of the makeup tip and not be filtered out.

There have also been great advances in the tip technology, from hair to fiber brushes to sophisticated elastic resins, and some even have a series of surface treatment techniques to beautify the appearance and improve the quality of lines. With these improvements, we only need to deal with the formulation design in order to give full play to the maximum efficiency of these make-up nibs, which can bring satisfactory cosmetic effect to users.

The further development of this field requires the cooperation between market participants and suppliers. Only by grasping and meeting the needs of consumers, using the most advanced technology and raw materials to achieve these expectations, we can bring endless new product development. With the increasing demand for product diversification and differentiation, there must be greater development in new application technology, raw materials and customized services for consumers' respective needs.