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Generally speaking, cosmetic brushes are divided into animal hair and artificial hair, and some are mixed together. The easiest way to distinguish is to blow it with an electric wind. The man-made fiber will bend, and the animal hair will remain intact.

Animal hair

There are natural hairy flakes and strong powder gripping power, which can absorb and release the product well. Generally used in dry powder products, such as blush eyeshadow. But it is more difficult to care for and more expensive.

Animal hair is also divided into many types, such as:

Goat wool: soft and durable, very common

Horse hair: harder, mostly used as an eye shadow brush

Mink: superb, moderately soft

Wait, wait, wait, this is really endless

Man-made fiber

It is relatively smooth and has no hairy scales, so it is generally used in water and cream products, such as foundation brushes, lip brushes, and so on. Can play each other's greatest role. Generally speaking, man-made fibers are slightly harder, but I personally think that the man-made fibers bought by TB are cheap and easy to use.

Hardness of makeup brush

Makeup brushes are not as soft as possible. Soft makeup brushes have weaker powder grip and weaker accuracy. So in general, makeup brushes for facial blush and loose powder are relatively soft, so that the makeup feels natural. The hard makeup brush has strong powder grip and high accuracy rate. For example, to draw eyebrows, the makeup brush needs to be harder. But the bottom line is that the brush can't pierce your face. When you get a new brush, try to poke a few times on your face~ because the skin on the face is much more sensitive than the skin on the hands~ especially around the eyes! If you are a novice, buy blush brushes and shadows that are easy to make heavy hands. You should buy soft ones, so that it won't be difficult to save in one stroke, and you can add them slowly. The eyebrow brush should be a little harder, otherwise it will be difficult to shape. However, if you like a particularly precise repair, you can also buy a slightly harder makeup brush.

Bulk density of the brush

The loose brush has weak powder grip and the makeup effect will be more natural. The dense brush has a strong grip on powder, and the concealer effect will be better. For example, a foundation brush. If you buy a looser foundation brush, the makeup effect will be more natural than that of a dense foundation brush, but the concealer effect is not as good.

The shape and size of the brush

This really depends on the individual. It depends on the makeup effect you want today, whether you like delicate makeup or quick makeup. (Also depending on how big the face is hahaha...

Classification of brushes

Face brushes: Although I have divided them into categories, as mentioned before, many face brushes can be used as multi-functional brushes.

Foundation Brush

In fact, it requires more skill to apply the foundation with a brush than the beauty makeup egg. If the foundation is applied well, the foundation can be light and non-marking and has a good concealing power. If it is not well on, it is easy to have traces of powder.

Generally speaking, there are several kinds of foundation brushes

Flat head brush – flat top

Many of these brushes are multi-functional players, and the effect of the base makeup has a higher concealing power. This brush can be used for powder or liquid foundation (cream), but it is generally used for liquid. Generally, there are two ways to apply makeup. Pressing and applying makeup can cover acne marks, spots and even pores. Applying makeup in circles can polish the skin very well, it looks very light and shiny, but this is only suitable for people who do not need high concealer and have good skin conditions. Many foundation brushes we are familiar with are evolved from flat brushes

The second category: similar to the flat-head brush, but the length of the brush is different. This brush has a lighter and thinner makeup. It is suitable for babies who like light makeup. It is more suitable for liquid and creamy foundations.

The third category is the tongue-shaped brush: this kind of brush is very common, but in fact it is the most difficult to master, it is easy to brush powder marks. But the concealer power is very high, and it can smooth the dry lines and make the makeup fit.

The fourth category is bullets

Combining the tongue line brush and the flat head brush, it is very suitable for novices.

In fact, many foundation brushes can be used as multi-functional brushes, especially many can be used to brush blush and shadow, more fluffy or even loose powder.

Concealer brush

The most common concealer brush is the tongue-shaped brush, which is a small foundation brush. Because the tongue-shaped brush has a particularly high concealing power and is easier to smooth out the lines, dry skin under the eyes and acne are easier to smooth out. And the small brush can cover exactly where you want to cover. Even if it is not a tongue brush, it should be a small brush with thick and short bristles, so that it can be used as a concealer.

Highlight brush

The bristles of the highlight brush are relatively fluffy, after all, if the highlight is heavy, it will be very embarrassing. Generally, there are fan-shaped brushes and the other type with pointed heads, because the highlight requires precision. If you use a large brush to brush the highlights, it is easy to brush the highlights to places that should not be brushed, but the face looks very big.

Fan-shaped brush for natural highlights

Loose paint

Loose powder brushes are generally large, fluffy, soft but flexible, because loose powder only needs a thin layer. Nowadays, many people also bake, that is, apply a super-thick loose powder and then sweep it away, usually using a beauty egg to make a bake. This kind of big brush can also be used to smudge the most face, blush, eye shadow and highlight smudge together to make them more natural

Blush brush

I personally think that many brushes can be used to apply blush, foundation brush, loose powder brush or shadow brush. However, blushers generally want a natural makeup effect. It is better to be softer and fluffy, so that it is not easy to make mistakes layer by layer. The size depends on personal needs. But if it is a blush cream type blush, it is recommended that you use a slightly denser brush to gently apply makeup, but in fact, the best cream state is to use a sponge or hands~

Shadow brush

The shadow brush is similar to the blush brush, it depends on personal needs. But generally speaking, I recommend buying beveled shadow brushes, which are easier to brush. In foreign countries, shadows are divided into repairing and bronze. The repairing is to accurately hit the two sides of the face to create a sense of line. The bronze is to sweep on both sides of the face in a large area (many of them like the bronze skin to have a large area. Sweep on the face). So if you like a chiseled girl, you can buy a thick, flat-shaped contouring brush (if you like to use a contouring cream, you can also use this brush). If you like to sweep a layer of shadow naturally to make the face look smaller, you can use a larger fluffy brush to sweep on both sides of the face.

Nose Shadow Brush

Many eye brushes can be used to brush nose shadow, mainly to find the one that suits you.

Eyebrow brush

The eyebrow brushes are generally very flat and hard, and the hairs are more dense, so that it is easy to draw very clean eyebrows. And generally there will be something like brushing the eyebrows on the other side of the brush, which can faint the color and tidy up the eyebrows~

Lip brush

The lip brushes are small tongue-shaped. To be honest, this is really a magical thing, and many people may find it unnecessary. But the lip brush can really outline the shape of the lips very well, which is really much different from applying lipstick directly!

Eye brush

Eyeliner brush

The eyeliner brushes are very flat and small, or they are sharp. The material should be denser and more elastic, but not hard or sticky. I personally think that if you like to use eyeliner to draw eyeliner, a good brush is very important! It is easy to take the cream and very smooth, so it can be finished in one stroke. Otherwise, the pits and holes of the eyeliner drawn look very unclassy...

Eye shadow brush

The eyeshadow brush can really make a separate note...it's too much to say

Eyeshadow brushes in Europe and the United States are generally a little bigger than those in Asia for the same purpose, because our looks are different~

The eyeshadow brush is divided into flat, cylindrical and oblique angles. Of course, each brush has many different sizes and textures.

In general, the flat eyeshadow brushes are good for coloring, the small ones are suitable for deepening the eyes, and the large ones are suitable for large areas.

High chroma

The bevel brush can fit the shape of the eye well, and can easily draw the shape when used on the end of the eye

Cylindrical brushes are divided into pencil brushes and blooming brushes, both of which are indispensable in my opinion. The head of the pencil brush is very small, and the creases of our Asians are also very small. It is very suitable for drawing the dark creases or the dark color of the eyeliner or smudging eyeliner.

Pencil brush, smudge on a small area

Regarding the smudge brush, no matter what kind of brush you use for makeup, you need a smudge brush to blend the various colors more naturally, and make the borders more clean, so that the makeup will not be very good. Suddenly dirty. It's really a must anyway!

Blending brush, a must-have at home

There are many brands of makeup brushes, and almost all beauty brands have their own makeup brushes.

When buying a makeup brush, you must pay attention to whether the bristles are neat or not. The most important thing to look at the workmanship of the makeup brush is to take care of the mouth, that is, where the bristles and the brush stem are connected. It also depends on the workmanship of the brush rod. If you buy expensive makeup brushes, it is best to touch them in person. If you don’t, you can go to the Internet to see the blogger’s evaluation. If you don’t like it, it will be very frustrating. Don’t rush to wash your hands after online shopping, first use it to scan your face to see if your face is stuck.

Then I suggest that friends really don't buy a brush set at will, and if you buy it, you must do your homework. Although a set looks very affordable, if you only have one or two easy to use, in fact, it is not cheap at all. If you are really a super newbie buying it for the first time, or you can do your homework seriously and buy a better all-rounder. If you are really confused, just go to TB to buy some cheap ones and try it, and slowly discover what you like~

Also, make-up brushes should be cleaned often, because it is really easy to nourish bacteria! If you don't wash the bacteria, they will crawl on your face. Daiso's cleansing liquid is still the best I have used, and it is really cheap and easy to use~