Top quality cat paw lovely design purple foundation brush manufacturer

Model MBS-01093
MOQ 500sets
Certification RoHS
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union

Product description:

1.The Foundation brush head is large and flat, which can apply liquid foundation and concealer on a large area to make the foundation effect even and natural. If you need to modify small parts, you can use the hair peaks of the brush. The foundation brush made of synthetic fiber is easy to wear. Suitable for thick cream makeup. 

2.This makes the brush work more effectively in extracting pigments from our powder products such as eye shadow, blush, bronze cosmetics and powder. 

3.When buying a brush, pay attention to the strength of the handle and the softness of the brush. If the handle is made of plastic instead of wood, it is a lower quality brush. If the hair feels rough, you know they will not use high-quality synthetic fibers or animal hair to brush the brush.

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