Travel vegan makeup brush set with 5 pieces custom makeup brush in bulk

Model MBS-05032
MOQ 500sets
Certification RoHS
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union

Product description:

However, some brushes require a certain degree of hardness to achieve better makeup effects, and they are mixed and matched by natural hair and artificial hair. Buying secret: The bristles should feel soft and smooth, and have a firm and full structure. Hold the bristles with your fingers and comb down gently to check whether the bristles are easy to fall off. Press the brush lightly on the back of your hand, draw a semicircle, and check whether the bristles are neatly cut. Use hot air to blow the bristles to distinguish the types: animal hair remains as it is, and the hair becomes man-made fiber when it becomes curled. This ultimate makeup brush set is sure to become your go-to beauty necessity.

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