1. Weighing: The amount of bristles contained in each number is strictly regulated, so it will be weighed before production to 

ensure quality

 2. Brushing bristle: We need to manually arrange the tip of each bristle in one direction to remove irregular hairs as much as possible.

3. Threading: Put the bristles into the cup, gently tap the cup to make the bristles out of shape, and then put the bristles into the tube

 4. Shaping: finishing the bristles again to make the shape of the bristles perfect

5. Measuring brush: Measure the width and thickness of the hair head to ensure that each brush is the same size

6. Gluing: pour adhesive into the hair head upside down. Less glue will not stick well, and more will make brush hair dip glue, waste. This is technical work

7. Pipe pressing: if the brush pipe is a flat pipe, it must be pressed by the machine