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A good brushes collection is a must for every makeup enthusiast. The brush can not only make up quickly and easily, but also help the product smoothly and evenly to create a more perfect makeup. If you're just starting to make up, a good set of brushes will make the process easier. There are several different types of makeup brushes, so it's important to know which one to use in your makeup routine. Here are some important makeup brushes to add to your collection. Well, whether you think about that what is the most important things when buying makeup brushes? Let us show you the point.

Different types of makeup brushes

Foundation brushes

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Your makeup process should start with a uniform basis. Without a suitable brush, it is difficult to apply the liquid base correctly. We have two different types of painting, one of which is a brush and one is a flat top. Both are very useful on the basis of flawless completion.

Stippling brushes

This type of brush creates a perfect, spray gun base with high definition results. It can be used for foundation, blush, bronze, powder, lighter, etc. It is also very effective in liquid and cream products. The top of the brush has a double fiber bristle, which makes it look very natural, light and gentle for application. These brush heads have a very light and feathery feel.

Concealer brushes

Concealer brushes made in China

After using the foundation, you can use concealer to cover any defects and brighten the dark areas of the face. For the most accurate Concealer application, you will want to use a small concealer brush. The concealer brush basically looks like a very small version of the basic brush. It's shaped like a brush, but a little more dense. When using the concealer brush, apply a small amount of product to the desired area and gently pat it on the skin until it is integrated with your foundation. Use small doses until you've covered the defect you want, whether it's acne, dark spots, eye circles, or whatever.

Powder brushes

Powder brushes in China

After the foundation, you can choose to use a loose powder to fix everything. This powder can help keep your make-up look the same throughout the day and make you look more perfect. Paint is one of many different types of make-up brushes. It is very large and fluffy. It has a dome shape that distributes the product evenly over the face. When using a brush, you can apply the product very lightly because the brush is designed to distribute the product evenly to you. In fact, you should knock off the extra product from the brush before applying it to your face.

Blush brushes

If you are using powdered blush, it is absolutely essential to use brushes to get gorgeous and natural makeup when painting. If you don't use the right brush when using this type of product, the result will be very stiff and unnatural. Okay, the blush brush has a fluffy design like paint, but it's smaller and suitable for cheeks. Some blush brushes have a slight angle to apply with more accurate blush. If you want to use apple powder and blush on your cheek, you can start using this product. If you are using cream and blush, you may have to choose point movement to get the most natural result. When applying blush, it is best to start with a small amount and create and blend constantly, because this will create the most natural makeup.

Somethings to know before buying makeup brushes

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Artificial hair vs natural hair

The difference between artificial hair and natural hair is something you need to know when discussing what kind of makeup brush to buy. The hair of natural animals (usually goats, squirrels and even minks) contains the so-called cuticle. This enables the brush to work more effectively in grasping pigments in powdery products such as eye shadow, blush, bronzes and face powder. Synthetic brushes are made of polyester and nylon materials, which help to mix liquid ingredients best on the face (such as concealer, liquid foundation and liquid fluorescent pen), because the fusion of brush fibers does not produce any type of stripe on the skin.

Cosmetic brush companies are experimenting with animals?

Most cosmetic companies follow suit and don't do experiments on animals, but when you want to know where the natural animal hair in the make-up brush comes from, there's a lot of this problem. Most companies outsource naturally shed animal hair and collect it to make brush hair, so no animals are harmed in the process. When shopping in a department store, be sure to ask the beauty assistants about the process of making the brushes they sell, and study which companies don't test animals to make sure you play your part in protecting our animals' safety and happiness.

Need to wash?

Yes, cleaning your make-up brush every week is the key to keeping it clean and sterile, not to mention, it ensures that the product does not accumulate, makes application easier, and improves the quality of your brush. Fortunately, the washing process is not difficult, there are many tools to help you get a very clean effect. We recommend that you use sigma spa express brush to clean gloves and chemical free castile soap to allow your brush to remove makeup. Massage the soap onto the hair, move it back and forth on the mat to get the product into the brush, then rinse it underwater until the hair is clean and nothing can flow out. If you don't wash your brushes and take care of them, you'll start to see them become very stiff in texture, often resulting in them just needing to be thrown away.

Why cost so much?

If the material and process of the brush are of higher quality than the cheap, easy to fall off brush, then the brush may become expensive. When buying a brush, some key things should pay attention to how strong the handle is and how soft the bristles are. If the handle is made of plastic instead of wood, it's a cheaper quality brush, and if hair feels rough on the skin, you know they don't use high-quality synthetic or animal hair fibers to make the brush head. Try your best to invest in cosmetic brushes that will withstand a lot of washing as you want your brushes to use for a long time.