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Make up is an indispensable thing for girls who love beauty every day. I have to say that it costs a lot of money to make up. Not to mention all kinds of cosmetics of various brands and functions, it is enough to say that the makeup brushes is enough to make people big. There are many kinds of makeup brushes, such as powder brush, repair brush, foundation brush, blush brush, high gloss brush, halo dye brush, color brush, nose shadow brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and so on. They each have their own uses, but many girls do not care if they run out, but that will damage the makeup brush.

We have always stressed that we should do a good job in removing makeup and skin cleaning, but many girls may forget to clean makeup tools! You know, a used makeup brush may be harboring more than 40000 bacteria. Do you think that your thick pores or acne is because you didn't choose the right skin care products? No, these bacteria may be the cause of your skin problems!

However, when it comes to cleaning our makeup brushes, we may postpone it until the next day, or until one day a thick layer of sticky cosmetics sticks together, then the brush may be a breeding ground for bacteria, which may lead to allergies and other problems in our skin, which is why you need to give your sacred brush tool a good wash.

Top 8 Reasons To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Most experts believe that makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once a week to prevent bacteria, dust and grease from accumulating on them. But there are many other reasons if you don't have to clean the brush regularly every day.

1. Aggravating potential skin problem

Putting bacteria and germs back onto your face with a sticky, dusty makeup brush can aggravate underlying skin conditions like acne. If you have an open sore, pore or cracked skin, bacteria can start an infection. You'll be swapping the infection back and forth creating a never-ending cycle of breakouts. This is the biggest of all the reasons to clean your makeup brushes, but let's continue, shall we?

2. Prevent virus infection

If you've never thought about cleaning your brushes, maybe this will convince you to clean them thoroughly and often! Dirty brushes can cause viral infections. If you use a worn-out brush or share it with someone else, there will be a lot of microbes on the brush. Sharing eye makeup brushes and lip brushes also increases the risk of conjunctivitis and herpes, respectively. So don't underestimate the task of cleaning the brush. Now wash!

3. Skin irritation

Makeup bristles caked with product can dry out, causing them to become brittle, making them abrasive to your skin. Ouch! Scouring your face with scratchy makeup brushes can irritate and roughen the texture of your soft skin. It can even make your skin look dull. Cleaning your brushes on the regular keeps them soft and supple. You want your makeup brushes to feel like a soft cloud on your face, not a Brillo pad.

4. Herpes and pinkeye

Your lipgloss and mascara containers are a dark and moist environment, where herpes loves to live. You can clean your lipgloss wands and your lipstick with a spritz of rubbing alcohol. Please, never share your lip/eye brushes, mascara or eyeliner with anyone! You'll just be swapping germs with your BFF.

5. High quality makeup brushes need maintenance

We know that spending money on high quality cosmetics is an investment, so you won't regret how expensive the product is. But if you spend a lot of money on cosmetics every year, shouldn't you give them the care they deserve? Make up brushes are one of the more expensive tools. If you don't want your money wasted, clean your makeup brushes regularly. The more times you clean them, the longer they last.

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6. Contamination

Cosmetic gels and creams are wet environments waiting for your dirty brush bristles, where bacteria can multiply. Liquid makeup gets older much faster than powder. Have a separate brush for each cosmetic to avoid contamination between them.

7. Makeup effect

If your brush is dirty, you won't have the color you want on your skin. In addition, mixing and shaping the dramatic effects of your cosmetics will be difficult. You want your skin to look porcelain smooth after makeup. Dirty make-up brushes can leave spots on your face.

8. As dirty as your hands

Dirty make-up brushes are as bad as fingers. Put a foundation, powder or shadow on your face, even with clean hands. The oil on your hands is more likely to spread bacteria on your face than a brush. We don't want germs on our faces because they cause blemishes and other nasty skin irritation. Hands on your face can even spread flu and cold germs

Makeup brushes cleaning mistakes

clean the makeup brushes

1. The brush should be vigorously rubbing and twisting the bristles, so that the brush can be washed clean

The bristles of the brush are actually very fragile, so when cleaning, you should try to be as light and soft as baby. If necessary, you can use some tools to help, which can not only protect the brush, but also wash it more cleanly!

2. When soaking the brush cleaning solution, the longer the soak, the cleaner it will be

Generally, the soaking time is about 1 minute. After that, as long as the brush is cleaned, and there is no residual color cosmetics on toilet paper.

When washing the brush, the whole brush must be flushed at 360 degrees, so that the brush will be clean

3. When cleaning the brush, the water can only flush down the direction of the hair flow, and try not to touch the water at the junction of the pen holder and the bristles,

To avoid the joint of the glue off, resulting in brush dehairing or damage, if the pen holder soaked in water is also easy to cause mildew !

4. After washing, the brush should be dried and sterilized in the sun

Basically, after cleaning the brush, first use toilet paper or clean towel to absorb the excess water, and then hang it on the brush holder to dry in the shade,Or the way of horizontal can also be used, do not use inverted hanging mode, so that water has the opportunity to flow into the pen holder.

5. The brush is not dry for several days. Use a blower to speed up the air drying

Brush is only suitable for indoor natural drying, using a blower hot air drying will damage the bristles, increase the speed and opportunity of brush damage!

How to clean makeup brushes

How to clean makeup brushes

To start the cleaning process, first wet the bristles with warm water.

Next, squeeze some shampoo into a bowl or cup filled with warm water.

Use the brush in the water, gently massage the tip of the bristles to remove the dirt.

Clean the bristles with clean water and squeeze out the excess water.

Let the brush dry in a well ventilated place. The bristles hang on the edge of the counter to let the excess water drip down.

Once they're completely dry, put them on the dresser and don't have to look around for them next time.