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The bristles of professional makeup brushes are generally divided into animal hair and synthetic hair. Natural animal wool cloth has complete hair scales, so the hair is soft and the degree of powder intake is saturated. It can make the color uniform and comfortable, and does not stimulate the skin. Generally speaking, animal hair is the best material for color makeup brush hair. If you want to make up beautiful, maybe you just need a set of tools to weigh your hands. Make up brush has gone from the hands of professional stylists to beauty loving women. But there are always functions of makeup brushes that you can't think of.

Many people have to worry about tools before painting. Since they can't afford to buy tens of thousands of painting materials, what other painting materials are available? The answer is professional makeup brushes! That's right. It's not all kinds of brush brushes of wolf hair, sheep hair, mink hair and squirrel hair. It's a make up brushes used to paint! Soft makeup brushes are usually made of animal hair, but it is softer than paint brush. It can be used in oil painting, drawing or color lead. Remove floating debris or do a slight halo dye, the effect is very good.

professional makeup brushes for drawing

professional makeup brushes for oil painting

The price of mink oil painting brush is higher, which is a burden for most people. If the shape, size and hardness of the mink makeup brushes are suitable, it can be used as an oil brush and suitable for beginners.

Ni Ping, a famous Chinese host, actor and writer, once painted oil paintings with a blush brush. But what makes people laugh and cry is that the makeup brush she uses is the assistant's famous brand brush. The assistant really wants to cry without tears. Here are her paintings.

oil painting used by makeup brushes

oil painting used by makeup brushes for NI PING

But we still need to draw lessons from this matter so as not to have tragedies on ourselves: everyone in beauty girls, their blush, eye shadow and lipstick must be collected well. The more expensive, the better to hide! After all, in front of our parents / boyfriends and husbands, the fate of cosmetics is always surprisingly similar.

Hide your make-up tools. Otherwise, the tragedy of the following net friends will occur.

"My dad painted oil painting, and one day he saw him take my beauty eggs and dip them in the paint."

"Dad used my eyeliner as a small brush to practice calligraphy, in a piece of newspaper."

"My boyfriend used my make-up brush to sweep the ashes of his keyboard Instantly I want to use his toothbrush to brush the toilet.”

"My mother used my face cleaner to brush shoes and crabs, and also complained: make complaints about how to use this brush.”

"My boyfriend used my CPB powder as prickly powder to wipe his buttocks, and he told me that the sponge was very useful.”

The above are the real experience of net friends to share, I believe many girls have had similar experience. Oh, what a painful understanding. It seems that only by hiding our cosmetics in the room can we prevent similar tragedies from happening again.